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We are traveling on a budget so of course, that means cheap eats! Sift through here to find the best foods we’ve found throughout Southeast Asia! We use a few different strategies when finding foods. There are so many alleyway food stalls that constantly change locations only a small fraction actually shows up on Google Maps. First, we look at Google Maps. If a restaurant (I use this term loosely cause some places are chairs and tables set up on a sidewalk) has a few hundred reviews with at least four stars, chances are it’s a winner. Second, we ask around. Obviously, the locals will know the best spots, however, sometimes they will just want to make their friend or family extra money and send you somewhere a bit more expensive if they know the owner. Lastly and our favorite, get out and walk around! If we come across a place that is packed, we know it’s going to be memorable!

Chiang Mai

Out of our time traveling, I think I would have to say Khao Soi is the most amazing thing I have tasted!  Khao Soi is a coconut based curry. I haven’t come across this curry in Bangkok or Southern Thailand, so to my knowledge, Northern Thailand is the only place to find it.  Chiang Mai […]
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Cambodia! (Angkor Wat area)

This will be short and sweet!  For the two days (coming back later) we spent in Cambodia we only tried a few places (Angkor Wat), and Amok is a MUST!  It is the dish that, at least this area, is known for. I’m sure there is a lot more to it, but Amok is comprised […]
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Dalat Foods!

Since Dalat is a mountain town it was on the pricier side of what our usual budget was.  We try to stay around $2-$4 per person when it comes to food, which is easily doable. Trip Adviser of course only has crap recommendations.  They really need to hire some budget travelers to get out there. […]
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We are beginning to figure out that in Vietnam there is a difference between Vietnamese food and authentic Vietnamese food. In Hue, we got our first taste of this! We found an amazing restaurant, Hanh Restaurant, that has authentic food. The banh beo was amazing! It is these little plates with a rice pancake that […]
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