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After a 30-minute bus ride from our Cat Ba Airbnb, a 15 minutes ferry ride (where the driver smashed a panel of our bus getting on the ferry), and an eleven-hour overnight bus ride, we made it to Sapa!  If Greyhound hasn’t upped their standards for traveling through the night, they should rethink their designs […]
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Cat Ba!

Sorry I haven’t kept up lately. I have learned when my bowels are trying to destroy me, I guess I’m not in my chipper mood to write. It is still the rainy season in Northern Vietnam, so while Cat Ba had its beautiful moments, it more often had drizzles and cooler weather.  Definitely not warm […]
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This post may contain profanity! Getting to Hanoi was kind of a bitch.  Once we landed in Ho Chi Minh City we entered the lane that was clearly marked “passports”, because there was no proper signage saying we needed to go to a completely different line in the back of the room.  So after waiting […]
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