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Da Nang&Nha Trang!

From Hue, we took our first train ride (2.5 hours) to get to Da Nang!  It was a beautiful ride that allowed us to see the lesser-known countryside.  It’s getting HOTTER! I am quite tempted to mail my winter clothing home at this point!  We mainly stopped to visit here to see the Dragon bridge […]
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After a 30-minute bus ride from our Cat Ba Airbnb, a 15 minutes ferry ride (where the driver smashed a panel of our bus getting on the ferry), and an eleven-hour overnight bus ride, we made it to Sapa!  If Greyhound hasn’t upped their standards for traveling through the night, they should rethink their designs […]
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Hue, Vietnam

The city of Hue, Vietnam is a quiet little city.  After going through Sapa and Hanoi, the city itself is a slower pace.  Instead of the food vendors walking around selling their delicious pastries, numerous people with motorbikes stationed in front of stores or riding around trying to convince you to rent a bike from […]
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Cat Ba!

Sorry I haven’t kept up lately. I have learned when my bowels are trying to destroy me, I guess I’m not in my chipper mood to write. It is still the rainy season in Northern Vietnam, so while Cat Ba had its beautiful moments, it more often had drizzles and cooler weather.  Definitely not warm […]
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Ho Chi Minh City

Visa Process Ho Chi Minh City was our original visit to Vietnam. Our arrival was not smooth sailing like entering Mexico. With our three-month Visas in hand, we entered the “All Passports” line. Waiting about 30 minutes in line, we approached the guard. He reached for my papers and glanced them over then looked at […]
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